It was about 10 p.m., I was tired, and I had my 3 young girls with me in the back of my Plymouth Grand Voyager. I was so sleepy I said a quick prayer, “Lord, you’ve given Angels charge over me. Take me home tonight on the wings of angels and keep me awake at the wheel.” Sometimes the simplest, most heartfelt prayers, are most powerful.

That was probably about 25 years ago, but I’m often reminded of that evening. I had been to my mom and dad’s, with my three young daughters, to visit for a while. As I was driving home on the highway I was in the middle Lane. I was going the speed limit, 55/ 60 miles an hour, when my eyes followed the car in front of me as it quickly dashed to the left lane and almost spun off into the darkness. I was quite stunned, but then turned my eyes back in front of me. Directly in front of me was a double mattress… Smack in the middle of the highway! I knew the van would flip if I tried to switch lanes as the previous driver had done, so I gently tapped my brakes. The mattress was too close and it would have been too dangerous to slam on them. So there I went “kerplunk baboom”. I drove straight over that mattress. It jolted all 3 of my daughters. They sat straight up and the oldest asked, “Mom, what was that?”.

I replied, probably a bit in shock, “Oh, we just drove over a mattress! Go back to sleep.”

I looked in my rearview mirror and saw that mattress literally standing straight up on its thin Edge and then it splat back down on the highway behind me. I began praying for drivers behind me. This was pre cell phone days so there was no one to call, nothing I could do to report it. I kept driving. When I got home I told my husband, Don, about what had happened. We both felt grateful that I and our girls were okay. The car was even fine. There was no evidence that the undercarriage had suffered any damage for driving over that mattress. I knew, without a doubt, that Angels had carried me home on their wings – just as I had prayed!

It would be several years later when my husband would read an article in the local paper about a person who had hit a mattress in the middle of the highway and was killed. My heart went out to that person and the family that would be grieving the loss. “But for the Grace of God, there go I!” I was reminded of the Saving Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ on that evening when my daughters and I rode​ over a full size mattress! Lord, may I never take anything for granted.

Recently, I prayed for a young woman who was concerned about her husband traveling via motorcycle. His journey would be long and hard and I prayed for his safety. I asked the same for him as I had asked for myself on that particular night that will forever be etched in my memory banks from some 25 years ago. I asked that the Lord would take him there and back home on the wings of angels. When I prayed that, I saw (in my mind’s eye) two huge Angels standing as if they were on the handlebars of his motorcycle. I knew he would be fine. I heard back from this young mom that he hit a log straight on! He was absolutely fine, and even his bike was reparable.

Have you doubt that the Lord is with you? I have memorized Psalm 91. I want to live constantly aware of the protective nature of our Lord Jesus Christ. He has given Angels charge over me, and I truly do dwell in the shelter of the most high! No harm will befall me. I want to live aware that I can tread upon the lion and the cobra.

Lord, I pray for all those who are reading this little blog that they would truly have a sense of knowing the authority that we have to trample on the Great Serpent! Father, reveal the height, depth, length and breadth of the love that you have for us. That love that compels you to move on our behalf!

I pray that you’ve been in some way encouraged. You are never alone! Please feel free to share this story with somebody who may need to know that there is ONE who loves them and will always have their back!

In HIS love and service,

Diane Malloy,

A child of God





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